Yesterday, we attended our first crawfish boil of the season. (more post below pictures)
Our friends that held this one, were also the ones who invited us to our very first one when we moved here a little over 2 years ago. They taught us how to eat the little buggers too. If you look at the picture, my hubby (the one with the Hawaiian shirt) is now teaching the newbies how to eat them. Everything is boiled together in a large pot with the spices: crawfish, garlic, artichokes (sometimes), corn on the cob, and potatoes. A large table is covered with newspaper or butcher block paper and everyone just sits or stands around (hubby says this is a standing sport) and digs in. Do I eat them you ask? Well, to tell you the truth, I have a shellfish allergy and so far I am still able to eat shrimp and crawfish. Because so many dishes around here have a crawfish base, I’m terrified of becoming allergic to them. So the answer is, yes I love them, yes I will eat a few, but no I don’t stand around the table and eat them. But I do eat the other stuff in the boil!

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  1. *nomnomnom*

    That’s me eating along with y’all, at least in spirit!!!! The crawfish is oh so tasty but *dying* for the corn!!!!

    I’m so jealous!

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