“My strength is my enthusiasm.” ~Placido Domingo~

I told you that you were in store for Greta’s Wild Ride – you better have your seatbelts fastened. This post busted out of my little head after an interesting afternoon (hamster was running fast today). You know you want to read on:)

Today, Jeb Bruneau invite me to attend a “power lunch” with his Pelican Institute (which is all about government transparency woot woot). He thought it would be a good networking opportunity to promote my blog, radio show and Soldiers’ Angels. Yours truly headed out in my skirt, blouse and sandals to some type of lunch in New Orleans. No matter what, looking decent can’t hurt and first impressions are important (kind of like skiing – you can suck at it but looking good in ski clothes is all that matters). I found myself sitting in a room surrounded by an overwhelming amount of brain cells (you could see them in the air) with very smart and influential people who are either in political think tanks or make their living from politics. Yep, I think I could have drowned in there, but hopefully through osmosis soaked up a few things. I had to pay extra attention to what they were saying as this was waaaay out of my brain’s comfort zone. The situation reminded me of how well I can understand Spanish if I just stop and concentrate (though they were speaking the same language as me – UGH). Yay for me to not be totally clueless on any subject that were brought up. But to be able to give a briefing on anything – ya right bwahaha!

So this is where yours truly, in her Marsha Marsha Marsha world (hey it is my blog & my free therapy) stopped to think about what I could handle on air and what I could not. Never wanting to pretend to be something I’m not, my lack of political knowledge could quickly surface by taking on tougher topics. But that is OK, because that is not where I have to head and there are more than enough people locally who do that very well. I’m just your average person with a unique personality working towards having a radio show the masses could enjoy. Up until a few weeks ago, I did not touch politics or even current events on my show – just did straight community interviews and reporting. My “Sun Tzu mentor” has steered me in the direction of making the show about me just talking an bringing up interesting things that will engage an audience. He was basically talking about water cooler subjects that were hot button and would get listeners roped in. So the first week, bold and stupid me takes on race and politics in Louisiana. Phew – I made it and nobody was waiting for me as I exited the studio. Last week was all about the Tea Party movement and a pre-recorded interview with the director of Brothers at War. This week, I’ve decided to take on Freedom of Speech and lots of show prep still needs to be done. Today’s drowning among the “smart people” made me take inventory of my self – once again (this is getting old – and don’t mention age as there can be no possible way I turned 41 this week). Yes, mid-life crisis madness is still alive and well. So time to focus on my strengths (hope you do the same).

1. I’m a tiny person with a big mouth.
2. I have self confidence but am not cocky.
3. I am very opinionated and not afraid to tell you what I think.
4. I love politics, the news, the military (married it literally), and bleed red white and blue.
5. I lean right politically (I’m like Tammy Bruce when it comes to politics – go Google what she believes and you will know where I am).
6. I started as an Independent out of high school, but have been a registered Republican for many years now. I would be a libertarian if there weren’t so many idiots in the world.
7. I can appreciate opposing views and am not completely close-minded.
8. I’m hard working, quick-witted, not the dullest light in the tanning bed but not the brightest either (but that is fine by me).
9. I’m pretty likable but life is not a popularity contest.
10. I want to be on the airwaves MORE than ever – watch out New Orleans.

Yep, the wild ride continues and you are on it (love you for that) to see where I turn out. Cream always rises to the top – right?

I would also be remiss if I did not remind you for about the gazillionth time to listen to my radio show on Saturday morning from 9-10 central AM 690 WIST.

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5 Replies to “I drowned in a think tank!”

  1. You taught me how to ski!

    If I remember correctly, on my very first run you said these words: “Oh crap I led you into a black diamond run… you’ll be alright” Which then led to a MASSIVE wipe out and some guy taunting me, “Back where I’m from we call that a FP! FacePlant dude!”

    But I looked good doing it!

    No I didn’t… ~sigh~

    But if you remember the main reason I was tumbling down the hill on that first run was because my bindings were set for someone 50lbs lighter than me. Once those were set, I was all good and hitting black diamonds, (free of FPs), by the middle of the day.

    My point… it’s all about preparation. Some of what you were smelling might have been big brains churning away, but most of it was people being well studied in various areas of expertise. Also keep in mind that there was more than likely a good amount of posturing going on to shield lack of knowledge. It can be intimidating when you’re surrounded by people who know how to play the game.

    Keep at it… be prepared… do not fear the FPs… and do what I KNOW you can do!

    You got this baby sis…

  2. You are awesome Big Bro (not my real brother btw if you are confused)! You are right about the people in the room. They were an awesome group though! Guess I better get ready to play some ball!

  3. girlfriend YOU are my mentor! your list of who you ares is so like me cept I didn’t marry a military man but I sure as heck bleed red, white, and blue especially after living in SEA for a couple of years. Thanks for doing what you are doing and bravely lurching into the world of politics and such and not being afraid of a faceplant should it occur. A quote I always say though I don’t recall who originally said it is that the difference between courage and cowardice is what one does with the fear they are feeling. I’m leetle with a big mouth, strong opinions and brute force and ignorance but always look nice = ) when the going gets rough the rough go get a pedicure is what I always say. Thanks for sharing your personal evolution with us all! Proud of you@!!

  4. Nikki… Paton said in his D-Day speech:

    “.. every man is scared in his first battle. If he says he’s not, he’s a liar. Some men are cowards but they fight the same as the brave men or they get the hell slammed out of them watching men fight who are just as scared as they are. The real hero is the man who fights even though he is scared.”

  5. Haha, you sound a lot like me. I’m definitely #s 1-3, and I love politics and news, though I am a firm libertarian. I’m going to start a new local political blog after my baby is born this May (don’t want to complicate things further!). I’ll listen out for your radio show.

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