For those on the Northshore, or even the Southshore who have not been to Ruby’s Roadhouse in Mandeville, time to get up and go. Yours truly is not much one for going to bars and dancing these days (seems going out is limited to events). However, being that is a hop skip and a jump from my house, I have frequented a few times to see my favorite band the Blackened Blues play. Chuck Collins, the drummer from this band even co-hosted my radio show with me yesterday (podcast) and has subbed for me. Last night I met up with the girls there and we danced from 10-1. As a matter of fact, Cinderella had so much fun, she didn’t even intend to stay that late and had an “oh my look at the time I better go” moment. This old fashioned watering hole, with wood floors and chalk surfaced ceilings (my name is up there) is packed with a wide array of people. Yay for having clean bathrooms, good security and a fun environment to hang. Funny how guys are hesitant to ask women to dance. No matter, we have fun without them!

Oh ya – they have Abita beer there too and you know how I love me a cool one of those for a refreshment!

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  1. Girl . . . thought I’d never get you off the dance floor!! And we’ll get your name written MUCH bigger next time.

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