I’ve (@kissmygumbo) been disciplining myself to write “big girl” posts each Monday and this week it is FAIL! Instead of this being some post worthy of publication, you get more of my useless drivel. You see, Monday has become a big traffic day on Kiss My Gumbo, because I launched this Twitter hashtag craze #Militarymon with Carson Daly (ya -the celebrity). How small the world becomes when you can talk to a celebrity over 140 characters from the luxury of your own bathroom home. Dammit – why the hell did I stay out in the sun all day and have that Margarita with dinner tonight and that Abita beer with lunch? Gosh – my readers must think I’m the biggest lush in the world – LOL! Nah – there are no lushes in New Orleans – we enjoy life here (I ran today so that has to cancel those out)! Oh crap – talking about alcohol sidetracked me from my Twitter talk. You see, I’m not sure which has officially killed more of my brain cells…Twitter or alcohol?

I’m 41 and have been drinking alcohol since the ripe old age of 13 (my kids may read this) 21 (when it was legal) – you do the math. I’ve been Twittering for…shoot…over a year now!!! According to Twitter at this very moment, I have given 4,659 updates. This is when I say to myself, “Greta, you need to get yourself a life girl!” I twitter from the boat from the restaurant in the car – oh shoot – I’m addicted!!! Alcohol – can certainly pass on it – no problema….but Twitter…OMG if my Tweetdeck is broken I’m breaking out in sweats. Panic. Is this Twitter thing killing brain cells? I think so – the pile of books I’m reading is now stacked 8 high but I know the business of all 2,608 friends who follow me on Twitter. I even drink with my Twitter friends as I Twittered from a bar just last night. Do I need Twitter Detox? Probably so as this whole thing may just be a “tad” out of control right now. But heck, look at all the time I’ve saved by getting all my news, information and even throwing out questions to my Twitter friends. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, “I wish everyone spoke to me in 140 characters or less!!!”

Will I keep enjoying libations and Twittering…hell ya (as long as I have a couple of brain cells remaining).

2 Replies to “Twitter vs. Alcohol”

  1. LOL – I learning how twitter can be addicting, and being that I’m in NOLA too, I need to add the phone app since i’m out more than I am in.


  2. Shame my daughter or shame on me for not noticing you with drinking. That was way, way too early to start. Wish you would knock it off completely, but you are too big – nah- too old (mature) now for what I say to count.
    Amazing what people can learn about on the internet even about their kids.
    Love you,

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