This cap and trade stuff is making me sick to my stomach! I hope Mary Landrieu does some type of crazy dance or rap on the Senate floor to get her point across that she does not want this to pass. Nick, over at Conservative Cajun sent me this today and BRAVO to him!

Fellow Taxpayers and Concerned Citizens:

This past Friday evening, the U.S. House voted 219-212 in favor of putting the screws to the petro-chemical industry, meaning our home state of Louisiana, by passing the Cap and Trade bill, H.R. 2454.

This bill is the biggest tax increase in American history, with draconian effects on Louisiana’s number one industry.

Now that this all out assault on our domestic petro-chemical industry has passed the House, it will move on into the Senate, where our recently re-elected Democrat Senator, Mary Landrieu, needs to be held accountable for this legislation’s fate.

Senator Landrieu was a supporter of and endorsed Barack Obama for President last year, though she abruptly had her name removed as a co-host of a fundraiser, but still attended.

That means despite receiving endorsements from many local Republicans and leaders in the Louisiana Oil and Gas industry, Mary Landrieu still endorsed a man for President who made clear his desire to go after the coal and oil & gas industries.

Now it is time for Senator Landrieu to step to the plate and own up to the fact that when she supported Barack Obama for President, she was supporting his major plans, one of which is Cap and Trade.

It is not enough for Senator Landrieu to simply vote against H.B. 2454, nor will it be enough for her to tell President Obama to “keep his hands off the oil & gas industry” while speaking in Lafayette, Louisiana.

She needs to say those things on the Senate floor and in private to President Obama and all his left-wing Pelosi soldiers.

These leftists, really socialists, are specifically targeting an industry that has provided hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs for Louisiana residents, including many who did not have the opportunity to attend college but were still able to make a good living in the workforce Day 1 out of high school. This is what the petro-chemical industry has done in Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast as a whole.

But Senator Mary Landrieu’s best political allies want to take this away from our state.

NOW is time for Senator Landrieu to stand up and be a real fighter for Louisiana. She touted her “seniority” as a reason for people to re-elect you, NOW is time for her to use that seniority to influence as many of her Democrat friends in the Senate as needed to kill this legislation; not amend it, but KILL it.

Or else, it will be accurate to label her as simply another politician looking to get re-elected last year, but not willing to truly stand up for the people and industry she claims to represent.

Phone numbers to call Senator Landrieu’s office and ask WHY she endorsed a man for President whom she new would go after Louisiana’s oil & gas industry, and to “suggest” that she fight against this legislation tooth and nail:

Washington, D.C. (202) 224-5824

New Orleans (504) 589-2427

Baton Rouge (225) 389-0395

Shreveport (318) 676-3085

Lake Charles (337) 436-6650

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