This was sent from Pelican Park today. Some parents need to grow up!!!

August 3, 2009

Dear Parents:

On Saturday July 25th, Pelican Park was the site of a physical altercation between two parents in a 7 year old basketball game. This is a very unfortunate situation that happened and what made it worse is that it was witnessed by both 7 year old teams and their spectators.

Unfortunately, as in most cases, the rumors have compounded the situation. I wanted to let you know about the situation and what the Park has done.

In addition to the Sheriff office, Pelican Park has also conducted an investigation, speaking with those involved and witnesses that observed the incident. A disciplinary committee consisting of Park staff was held last Friday as part of the Park’s regular procedures for handling problems with coaches or parents. At this meeting, the facts of the incident were presented and discussed at length. The discipline committee voted to take strong sanctions against the parent who assaulted the other.

The only good that can come out of this situation, is that parents and coaches pause to remember that adult behavior at a youth sporting event has a profound effect on children. How a parent or coach speaks to a coach, officials, opposing players or spectators is remembered by a child. Youth sports are about the children and not the adults. It’s about learning how to win and lose with dignity and sportsmanship. Our children will learn how to deal with many adversities in life while playing youth sports. How they see the adults around them react to calls that didn’t go their way etc will stay with them for the rest of their lives. There are many life lessons learned in youth sports and the major ones are working together as a team, developing new skills and learning sportsmanship on the field or court. Please allow the coaches to coach the game, the players to play the game and the officials to officiate the game.

We want your children, as well as all children, to feel safe when they come to Pelican Park. If you know of a coach or parent that is not a good role model, please let the Park know and we will investigate. All coaches and parents sign a code of conduct that outlines behavior that will not be tolerated.

We are very fortunate in the fact that we have great coaches and parents at Pelican Park. To the thousands of parents and coaches that set great examples each and every day of the season for their children and other children at Pelican Park, we say thank you!!!

Sincerely yours,
Kathy Foley

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  1. I unerstand the assaulted parent was helping his son who was blatantly fouled by the son whose father was the attacker.

    There is ZERO excuse for this behaviour in a civilized society. At the very least this jerk should be made public record of so we know who he is and banned along with his son for at least 1 year from entering the premises of PP.

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