No – this is not a bad joke, though it sounds like one – LOL! I did this August 6th and can see that it most likely won’t happen, though maybe someone will see this and decide I would make a good candidate for OCS and give me a waiver!!! I blame this recent turn of events on my pal Rachelle. She sent me something about this 40 year old mother joining the Army and it made me think…your clock is almost completely expired Greta. I did my homework and the only cutoff I made was for Army. So I thought about it and sat my hubby down to present to him why this might be a good idea. Ummm….he did not like it one bit. Kids, me being gone for training, deployment possibilities…yadayadayada. I confided in a couple of friends about what I was considering and got 3 – ” You go girl” (they were women who know me & one became an officer and joined at 40) & one, “That is the stupidest thing I ever heard, no offense,” from a guy friend. But hubby said he would not tell me no (he knows better – evil laugh inserted here).

Well, at this point, I decided to find out more and head to the recruiters.

ME: “I am here because I want to serve, I’m the wife of a retired officer and now it is my turn. I hold my Master’s degree and would like you to consider me for the OCS route or I do not think I will join.”

Recruiter: “Well…er…uh…how old are you?”

Me: “41 and my birthday is not until March so I make your cutoff.”

Recruiter: Hemming and hawing and poking at his computer and nervously making calls for which nobody answered. “I’m not sure about this, I think I have to speak to some people as your age is a consideration. What fields are you interested in?”

Me: “Public Affairs or possibly medical, though I have a latex allergy and that could pose a problem.”

Recruiter: “I need to check, but I’m pretty sure we have an opening for PAO in New Orleans and medical jobs like physical therapy always need people.”

Me: “Great, will you get back to me on this soon?”

Recruiter: “Would you like to spend a half hour and take the OCS screening?”

Me: “No, I think I’ll wait until you have some solid information for me. I’ll be out of town for a week at the Military Order of the Purple Heart Convention, but will be checking my email.”

Recruiter: “OK – will get back to you.”

No response!!!! So I began the following email exchange:

Me: I’m wondering if you were able to obtain any additional information for me?

Recruiter: After researching there are no PAO vacancies available in the USAR for Officers nor any Medical positions from your credentials. It still an option to join as enlisted and there is one position in PAO field. With your master’s you can enlist as e4 (SPC) or e5 (SGT) Thanks again for your interest.

Me: Let me just ask you if there are any opportunities at all for me to join as an officer?

Recruiter: Miss P, The USAR Officers Cutoff is age 35 but for enlisted is 42.

Me: FYI below:

To qualify to submit a packet for Officer Candidate School for the Reserves, you must be a US Citizen, possess at least 90 semester hours of college, be single with no children or married with 2 or less children (married with more than two children, waiver may be considered), be at least 19 not older than 28 years of age, (waiverable up to 41), and have no law violations above traffic. You must be
selected by the OCS board and enlist prior to your 42nd birthday and be eligible for regular retirement by age 62. Must have an acceptance letter from the Reserve unit where you want to be assigned.

So there you have it folks…still weighing options! Tick tock….

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  1. If the teaching thing never works out, this is something I might actually look into, also. I’ve got a few more years to think about it, though, and things could change between now and then…I don’t necessarily think you’re crazy 😉

  2. Once again you blow me away and humble me…great on you!! I so wish I could have served as an RN in the fielf while at war but this darn MS made that an impossioble dream so I’ll be living vicariously through you.

  3. Sorry but my first reaction is “Are you out of your f*ing mind? You have small kids, aging parents and people that love and need you right where you are.”

    And then I realize how incredibly selfish that is because doesn’t every soldier have loved ones who need them right where they are?

    I’m torn on this one, Greta. I wish you the very best, the best for you and your family.

  4. Dear Wickedness, 1 aging parent – the hubby. I might be getting older, but hey maybe I will sign up. Have plenty of degrees, am able bodied & everyone born is aging. What a great way to get away from my husband. Of course he did work up until he was 78 yo full-time – minimum of 10 hrs per day & very unhappy when it became 5 instead of 6 days. Hospitals can mess you up ,which is what threw him for a loop. Greta’s cats & dog do need her, but the kids migh tlearn to be even more self-sufficient than they already are. DO NOT JOIN THE MILITARY GRETA!!!

  5. Well Mom – if I join – maybe you will move down here. Still contemplating it. And wickedness knows I love her:)

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