This is my newest friend Earl “Scotty” MacKenzie, who I met last week at the Military Order of the Purple Heart Convention. He heads the MOPH portion of Cell Phones for Soldiers. Throughout the week, Scotty threw me every goofy pick up line in the book. He made my traveling companions laugh so hard and hope they could be like him when they get to be his age. He called me on Tuesday morning to tell me he appreciated my friendship and was in the hospital with 2 blood clots. He was most disappointed as he was supposed to fly out and see the Thunderbirds as a special guest this weekend. If you would like to give Scotty a get well wish by leaving a comment on my blog, I will be sure he gets it!

4 Replies to “Get well Scotty”

  1. Get well scottie,,,You sound like a wonderful man…and thank you for all you’ve done for us. Get well!

  2. Hope you are up and doing your thing again very soon Scotty.
    Heard so much about you from Greta. Think she has definitely fallen for you in a big way. You must be a marvelous person from all she had to say. It is now your job to get better as soon as possible, so that more people get to have the pleasure of meeting you.

  3. Hey Scotty,

    We sat with you a couple of years ago at the Concert at the Pentagon. I am sure you don’t remember but you made such a wonderful impression on us. You are truly a wonderful person and a gift to us all. We hope you get well soon. ~ The Boes

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