What is it going to take to put you in that car?

An Army recruiter is similar to a car salesman (if you ask me). Unless there are a plethora of people banging at the door (which would be to my dismay), they should take every recruit (shopper) very seriously. In my black and white organized world, all information should be handed to me promptly so that everything is crystal clear. I can’t possibly be the only 41 year old looking to become an officer (my friend did it). At this point, I would have thought that I would have all the information in front of me in order to make a decision on how I want to proceed. There is no point taking the physical or the test until I know if this can happen. I certainly don’t want to waste the time and money of the US Army if I can’t enter without knowing I can achieve my goals.

I will give recruiter number 2 (and he is trying) until the end of the week to get me all the info and then…

On a positive note (I am the Princess of Positive), my Mom is actually supporting me on my quest (did not expect that). And I may be nuts as told several times over – but a good kind of nuts!

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2 Replies to “Army Quest Update”

  1. This is response to the first thing you wrote about a recruiter being similar to a car salesman…

    I went to a recruiting office to write a story a few years ago, and after an attempt on the recruiter’s part to get me to join the Army, I told him I didn’t want to go to Iraq.

    “How do you know you don’t want to go to Iraq?” he said. “Have you ever been there?”

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