If you have not been listening to my weekly radio show – what is your problem? Shame on you! Haha!

If you have been listening – THANK YOU!!!!

OK – so your weekly Saturday show falls on the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina…what do you talk about? D’uh!!!! And as I write this, still looking for a couple of people to call in with uplifting and positive angels stories (gretaperry at gmail.com)! I moved here post-K, so do not have a story, but my co-host, Chuck Collins has one he has never shared. I think I’ve convinced him that it will be therapeutic to share and had to promise him beer to do it! The lines will be open for callers too. For my non-profit segment, Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pets.

What: Kiss My Gumbo radio show
When: Saturday Morning, central time 9:00-10:00
How: AM 690 New Orleans and Gulf Coast or on your computer here.
Interact: 888-880-WIST or (504)26-0690 @kissmygumbo on Twitter, FB message or email gretaperry at gmail.com
If you miss: podcast will be available the following Monday

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