Thought you might appreciate this info from my friends at Tales of the Cocktail. Social media is NOT a waste of time! It is an effective tool! @kissmygumbo says so!

Tales of the Cocktail Social Media Success:

* 73.7% of attendees followed Tales of the Cocktail on Facebook, Twitter (48.6%) and the Talesblog (31.7%)
* 1,147 Facebook Fans
* totc, TalesoftheCocktail Twitter has 1,547 followers
* 32 of the top cocktail bloggers participated in the Talesblog
* 12,682 visits of the Talesblog came from 101 countries
* 2,518 photos tagged talesofthecocktail and 2,222 photos tagged totc09 on Flickr
* 39.5% of visitors attended Tales of the Cocktail based on information they received from social networking