IMG_0645 * This tattoo was too cool not to share. My lunch date (see pic below – tall guy) had this on his leg. He was hit by an RPG and is missing some of the muscles in his leg. He can still press 500 pounds and competes in events (marathons, triathlons – you name it) all over the country! Inspiring!!

* I had a tweetup with a bunch of NOLA twiends on Friday. Not everyone (gasp) in the NOLA blog community loves the Princess (they never met me). But thankfully, there are many who do. I love this group and look forward to getting to know many of them a lot better!

* #militarymon is rocking on Twitter again. We start on Kabul Afghanistan time. Anything you tweet within the next 24 hours, please add #militarymon. It is a simple way to honor the troop, our Veterans and our fallen heroes. It won’t cost you a darn penny to participate!

* IMG_0643 These were my lunch dates this past week. Yes, they are all wounded heroes and I get to have experiences like this because of Soldiers’ Angels. You couldn’t find a nicer bunch of guys!

* Recruiter 1 =FAIL Recruiter 2 tried – but a whole week and no answers =FAIL. #3?

* Working out is still continuing even after my triathlon is completed. Still not decided on another event besides the Face of America bike ride in April. Time to invest in a new saddle and pants for the longer rides!

* Did I mention I am going to be a judge for International Chili Society World’s Championship (yes, representing Soldiers’ Angels)? You might even catch me on the Food Network – LOL! I was told that I could drink beer in between tastes – yeeha!

* Had the opportunity to meet another upstanding Marine on Friday. Check out Brad’s website. If ever there was a 24 year old with a bright future – this guy is it. He served 2 tours in Iraq and is wise beyond his years. My Angel wings will be supporting him somehow. Let me know if you want to help get behind his 100 mile run in April!

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  1. cool the meaning! my fluer de lis with beads on my left foot : / but heck I’m gretas size and not a tough guy like him so I’ll just be impressed with his tat and proud of mine!

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