I have my Google “Greta alert” on because I like to keep up with other Greta’s in the world. Damn those couple of famous ones who will always beat me out on Google search. Anyhoo, for those who know my politics and my thoughts on global warming…this one is sooooo not me but thought I would share. I would do this for the troops for sure! And I don’t feel like debating global warming right now. I’ll just tell you that I love the heat – bring it on! Debate amongst yourselves!

Woman Walks from New Orleans to Vermont

Champlain, New York – August 31, 2009

A Pennsylvania woman set out on a 1,100 mile journey that ended in our region, her goal was to raise awareness of global warming.

65-year-old Greta Browne spent the past five months walking the entire length of U.S. Route 11 which runs from New Orleans to Rouses Point, New York. As a lifelong activist, Browne began her Climate Walk to bring attention to what she believes is one of the most pressing challenges we face, but admits that it may take a while for others to catch on.

“I always consider myself just a drop in the bucket, change and awareness is very incremental, I know it takes me a long time to actually go with something sometimes. We’re resistant so my goal was not to do too much, I didn’t have a big goal, it was just to raise awareness and be one of those little dots in people’s awareness,” said Browne.