No rhyme or reason – just not there. Someone give me a swift kick in the ass or dangle a writing paycheck in front of me! FYI went higher up in the Army and also sent my resume out for a couple of jobs. We will see. Until then…Angel Power!

2 Replies to “Uninspired to write”

  1. Greta, It’s ok to “not be there” for a while. You drive yourself so hard that you forget you are only human, an extraordinary human, but one nevertheless. Take some days to smell the roses. You accomplish so much, but everyone needs some “down” time.
    Love you, Mom

  2. You need a kick in the ass? But Obama, his czars and other such cronies are in the process of ripping America apart in order to set up a society in which the old are murdered and the young are dumbed down in order to serve the intellectual elite of this country! If you continue this apathetic blogging the next thing you know everyone in this country will have access to affordable healthcare at the cost of billions of dollars of hard fought for tax loopholes! I mean, I saw a pic in which Obama looked JUST like Hitler… with the little mustache and everything. I mean this guy just doesn’t stop… he’s looking to take over the white supremacist groups as well. They better watch out because next you know he’ll be letting black guys in the club and when that happens we all know what comes next… “Yo, where all the white women at?” Those black guys will be so consumed with chasing tail that they’ll never put in the needed effort to advance the aryan cause. Then come the hispanics… the Chinese… the Koreans, and next thing you know “White Power” will have to be translated in Swahili and Tagalog on all the literature. Can you imagine the cost of such a thing?

    Screw John Galt, Who is Greta Perry?

    Seriously though… Supreme Court most likely will overturn an earlier ruling on campaign finance… here’s a link

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