I would like to wish everyone good health, happiness and the best year ever! I just got back from a week of a social media break and boy, it felt amazing! 2010 has and will bring lots of change (not the Obama change – LOL) to me and I’m so excited to face this year head on. My life is never dull and every day, even though I am often restless, is rewarding. I am a very fortunate woman and even though I am ready to commit to a career, am very happy with being a Mom and wife. I am a firm believer in, “All things happen for a reason!” So here is a little update about my life:

* My Dad (Sherm): It is hard to watch your hero’s mind deteriorate. The good news is his disposition is as pleasant as ever. He still cracks corny jokes but now he can’t always recall the punchline. But none of the jokes were ever worth listening to except watching him crack up as he told you he had a “good one” for you. We still get to enjoy that and we are glad he still wants to tell them (my Mom still rolls her eyes at them). It is more than likely my Mom will not be able to travel with him much, so I expect more visits to MA in 2010.

* Radio: My new co-host and I stopped to speak to our station manager after our last show in 2009. He informed us that it is more than likely that we’ll be off the air by the end of January. Moving forward…no regrets..radio has been a fun ride. I’ve been on air for almost 2 years and have loved every minute of it. Would do it again or for a career in a heartbeat! Trust me – this will not silence me:) And as for my public speaking skills, this has only helped! Up until I started my show in 2007, I never even imagined myself on air!

* Soldiers’ Angels: I changed roles and stepped don from my leadership responsibilities. I feel good about that. Still flapping my wings and will continue to support the troops and the veterans though:) It is in my blood!

* Videos: My Right Pundits You Tube channel is rocking and I’m having fun with that new gig! I look forward to my growing relationship with Right Pundits! They rock!!!

* A REAL paying job?: Well it looks like my attempt at joining the National Guard (as direct commission PAO) at 41 is not going to happen (I tried)…next…. The dream job I thought I had (had preliminary offer but the solid one never came to fruition) did not pan out but that door is not closed. I was offered a full-time job in December but decided I was not willing to compromise my freedom of speech in my off-time for it. My husband even encouraged me to turn it down as he knew if I could not write or speak my political opinion that I would be impossible to live with (he was right of course). I have lots of feelers out there and possibilities. And heck, I always have my organizing business. It has been good to me and maybe I just need to be good to it!

* Working out: I competed in my first triathlon and 5K this past year after a 16 year hiatus. I am ready for more of these this year for sure! Without my Saturday radio show, will have more opportunities to compete.

* Travel: I will be traveling to DC at least once, possible twice in April. My parents will be getting a few visits from me in MA. Also looking forward to chaperoning my 13 yo on a 10 day trip to Europe in June. I hope a lot more travel jumps in there as I have not even planned vacations yet. Waiting to iron out the job thing before I book anything.

* Social Media: Love it and you will still see me on Facebook, Twitter and blogging on multiple sites.

2 Replies to “Look out 2010…here I come!”

  1. if I could not write or speak my political opinion that I would be impossible to live with

    of course, this assumes that it’s possible to live with you now. *ducking*

    seriously, I totally agree with hubby. That gig would have been fun at work, but you would have really been upset with the restrictions.

    Here’s to hoping you get a new radio gig once this one finishes!

  2. Hey Greta,

    Hope 2010 brings some exciting opportunities your way and thanks for your work with the Soldiers’ Angels. You will never know how troops need that kinda of support.

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