Last year around my 41st birthday, I hit the wall on a full-blown midlife crisis. Yep, “you are how old and have no career,” hit me like a lead brick! But, I persevered and came out better than ever. I tried joining the Army, went on job interviews, started training real hard and….I’ve never felt better. In as good a shape as I was in my early 20s with those wonderful “non-surgically repaired I had kids who screwed up my body forever,” flaws.

Yatmedia (was founded in January) is moving faster and better than ever could be imagined! My business partner Ed is “teh awesome.” Who would have ever thought my political polar opposite who I got off to a rocky start with, would be my partner in crime? But it works! We are having so much fun and best of all…I get to work from home and still be Mommy when I need to! Working crazy hours does not bother me!

So begins my 42nd birthday weekend celebration. The 16th is the actual day, but hubby has Saturday afternoon through Sunday planned out in the French Quarter. Took him 17 years together to start planning dates and he is getting the hang of it nicely!

I once knew a doctor who whenever you asked him how he was, replied, “Today is the best day of my life.” Though we all have rocky days…his true meaning behind his reply has stuck with me.

The only question remains…will I actually achieve world domination before I turn 43? Stay tuned!

And of course, no matter what I do…I will ALWAYS bleed red white and blue and support those who serve and served!

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