Big kudos to my hubby for planning an amazing night in the French Quarter for my birthday. He took care of ALL the details and did a spectacular job. We live about 40 minutes away from New Orleans and the French Quarter is now one my favorite non-beach destinations in the world. Never have I spent a moment there and not enjoyed the adventure!

I’ve spent hours riding the Carousel Bar @carouselbar in the Hotel Monteleone @hotelmonteleone and even produced my radio show from there, but had not stayed there for the 3 years we’ve lived here. Andrea Thornton, the Director of Sales and Marketing, told me years ago to let her know when I was ready to book a room. When I found out that was the booked destination, I sent her an email and she immediately upgraded us for our stay.

We started our overnight excursion by driving directly to the parking garage, which is conveniently located on the side street of the hotel and costs just $30 a day. The garage connects to the elegant lobby where we walked in to see a bride and her bridesmaids getting photographed with beige gowns in the beautiful backdrop of marbles and chandeliers. It was breathtaking. The lobby is always filled with such excitement and energy with a plethora of seating to just get off your feet or wait for someone. I love the location of the Monteleone and since we were eating at Antoine’s that night, we had a very short walk. After a quick check-in, we headed to the elevators with lots of staff greetings along the way.

Walking into a hotel room and falling in love with it, is not something my husband and I ever do. However, Hotel Monteleone was to prove to be an exception! The set-up of the room is perfect, a den with a half bathroom and then the bedroom with the major bathroom off of it (2 TVs too). The decor was charming and every detail was meticulously thought out to capture the essence of the charm and history of old New Orleans. I’m a modern kind of gal, but was immediately in love with the drapes, the yellow and white wallpaper, the crown molding, the light fixtures and the furniture. If we had more time, the writing inspiration would have kicked as has happened with many writers in history.

While I was getting ready for our night out, the gorgeous and spacious bathroom filled with mirrors and even a light up cosmetic mirror, (should come with a warning for those of us who prefer not to see everything in a mirror) was a delight. When I stepped out, Andrea had sent us a bottle of chardonnay, chocolate covered strawberries and a handwritten note on fleur de lis notepaper. I quickly forgot about my view in the bathroom, because we had our 15th floor view of the Mississippi River and the French Quarter without the noise. We felt comfortable and at home in the room and enjoyed kicking up our feet while we drank our wine and devoured the delicious strawberries.

We headed down to the Carousel Bar in the hotel, which is usually our meeting spot for friends anyways. My favorite bartender Marv was off for the night, but Mike took great care of us. After a long night on the town, we stumbled home from the Ritz-Carlton, hubby carrying a Lucky Dog, and fell into the most comfortable bed and linens I can remember sleeping in. You know it is a good bed, when you have no desire to get out of it and get to a Sunday brunch in New Orleans and opt for a later meal. We both agreed that we can’t wait to stay at the Hotel Monteleone again during Tales of the Cocktail this summer.

*They do offer a military discount.
* You can see pictures of their rooms here.

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