Did you ever wonder how to eat a crawfish? At a crawfish boil, everything is cooked in one big pot with the crawfish and seasoning and dumped on a table for everyone to stand around and eat. You twist it, suck the head for the juice (not shown in video) squeeze it to break the shell a bit, peel away some of the segments and pinch the tail to pull the meat out. Other things often in the boil are: oranges, lemon, potatoes, corn, mushrooms, sausage, garlic, artichoke. Anything goes. I must tell you, I am not a natural at it after living here for 4 years. Still amazed how fast the locals can peel it and get all the great meat. My kids seem to have picked it up as second nature.

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  1. ” You twist it, suck the head for the juice (not shown in video) ”

    You lost me at that line! lol. When I worked for BP back in the late 90’s I had many a trip to the Alliance refinery there near New Orleans. A friend of mine took me to a crawfish place and showed me. But his step was suck the brain last. And when he said that my first words were “Um, no. Not eating brains. I’ll take a burger”… 🙂

    Of course I wasn’t all “no way not eating it” on everything. I sure enjoyed the snacks at Jax Brewery and there were some awesome little restaurants to eat in.

  2. By the way, I happened to see you on my sister in law’s blogroll…CarolMarksOnline. After I looked around here, I realized I’d seen your name before, by way of Soldiers’ Angels. 🙂 Wingtip to Wingtip.

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