True confession – I exercise almost daily and am worrying a little bit about de-conditioning on vacation and packing on a few pounds. But seriously, we all need vacations from our routine, even though I love my routine. So … what? I know I will have plenty of time to train for my August duathlon, and will be in tip-top shape after a couple of weeks of vacation in no time. I am telling you and telling myself that it is not the end of the world if we are off our exercise and diet regimen for short time. If you do already have a routine, you will return to it quicly. If you do not have that fitness groove on yet, it may be tough to get back into it – but promise me you will. After all…you have signed up for an event by the end of September…right?

Stress is part of our overall fitness, so we need to unwind on vacation and enjoy life. No need to over-eat just because…moderation! My running shoes are going with me and I will log in some miles. Cross-training will be out – so need to watch out for injuries a little more vigilantly.

How will you cope with your next upcoming vacation? Are you worried you will gain weight and get out of shape?

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