This blog documents my life since I moved outside of New Orleans, January of 2007. It is very near and dear to me and I never want to let it go. That being said…finding time to do necessary blog housekeeping has not not happened in a looooong time. One of the things I always want to do is to help promote blog brothers and sisters by linking them. So please, Louisiana and New Orleans bloggers, let me know if you are on my current blogroll. If not, please do not take offense, but drop me a comment or an email so I can be sure to add you!

Apologies for not giving proper credit for the cartoon:( None of the websites with the Pilrillo & Fitz were current. They did some great stuff!

5 Replies to “Attention: NOLA & Louisiana Bloggers”

  1. Hey, Greta. I started my blog in Mid 2006 when I realized that the northshore and Mississippi wasn’t being represented by the MSM after Katrina. I’ve just kept blogging since them. I’ve lived in Slidell 30+ years (originally from Haverhill, Mass.) and blog on subjects that interest and incense me.

    I’ve noticed a lot of NOLA-related blogs are dormant and need to clean up my blog list as well. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Hi Greta!
    I’ve been blogging about my life and all things in NOLA since 2008. I found you through Judy’s blog…been reading you for awhile now.

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