“Be Nice or Leave” is a common sign that can be seen around New Orleans from the local artist Dr. Bob. This post is going to be a little reflection here. You see, this is not my first social media rodeo for an election. Having been in the game for quite some time, I have weathered much political turmoil on social media. If you Google me, or even look at older posts here, my political leanings and mark on the internet for spouting my opinions are easy to find. However, as a small business owner now and having had politics literally drain my soul, I have stepped away from publicly spouting off my opinions.

I have several thousand friends on Facebook and they are probably half for Romney and the other half for Obama – 50-50. Every day there is fussing and blocking and arguing. Though the election is soooo important, I kind of just chuckle at some people getting their panties all in a wad. My tolerance level and respect for others with differing opinions, has evolved to probably its’ peak. If someone has an opinion and sticks by their convictions – good for them! Yes, I look at a constant Twitter and Facebook feed of opposing and sometimes not very nice things. I definitely have parameters to which I will either ignore or remove people from my social media world (hate on either side should not be tolerated).

If you are distraught over your social media stream of opposing views, my suggestion is to pull on your big girl or big panties and click on the “mental ignore button!” Social media should be first and foremost – fun and entertaining. If you do not enjoy it – do not do it! If you need to stay away from it until the election and the residual of who wins is over – do that! DO NOT give yourself heart failure over other people’s views! And for the record, you are most likely not going to change who they will vote for…so just go with it!

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  1. AMEN to that! No need to be ugly online. Respect and tolerance are the most importatn social media stances in my opinion…well of course that’s right behind fun and entertaining 🙂

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