This picture represents my 2012 Greta survival kit. I have suffered with allergies and asthma my entire life, but this year has been one long allergy season with little reprieve. Even my family members who usually are unscathed, are breaking into my Allegra stash! I heard the Hurricane Isaac theory lately, blaming it for the recent allergic surge by kicking things up. We also had an unseasonably warm winter last year, which brought blooms earlier than normal. Whatever the reason, so many people are suffering. All I know, is that passing out Allegra instead of Halloween candy this year, is bound to bring a smile to the parent of every little Trick or Treater (joking of course)!

And please don’t think it has kept me down that much, though a little more than normal. I’m still exercising outside, almost every day. Though I want to bore a hole in my sinuses and find myself a walking pharmacy, I will Chuck Norris these allergies!

How have your allergies been?

4 Replies to “2012 Allergies”

  1. I saw my acupuncturist a couple of weeks ago to help with the allergy (and other trigger) headaches. While my allergies still SUCK this year, the headaches are better thanks to a dozen well placed needles…in my face & head.

  2. wow, i really thought you broke into my hoe and took a picture of my medicine cabinet. I feel your pain. I need all that you have up there and more on a daily basis. My allergies and bronchitis are HORRIBLE.
    I feel your pain

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