With Top Chef taking place in New Orleans this season, everyone in the country seems to be talking about New Orleans food. This Infographic (see below) which is a Louisiana food primer, appeared yesterday on my Facebook timeline (thanks Wendy). It was something I “simply had to post” on my blog while chiming in my two cents about the local food..

When we moved here in 2007, I knew NOTHING about New Orleans or the cuisine! I never ate fried foods, except for clams in the summer down in Cape Cod. I grew up on New England cooking and besides Thanksgiving, awesome pizza and fresh seafood, eating was just something I did. In 2007, my eyes became wide open to “wanting to eat” as the culture and the taste just sucked me in. This also became detrimental to my tiny figure that now requires extra workout time to keep the pounds off (no clue how Padma does it). The irony of this blogs name, is that I have never made gumbo! I have no patience for a roux and frankly, the only thing I usually accomplish in the kitchen, is a huge mess and a smoke detector check. However, though I’m a “pescatarian” that cooks/burns for my family of 3 teenagers and my hubby, I do hear rave reviews about my red beans and rice. It is all about the cajun butcher’s tasso, boudin and the amount of Tony Chahcere’s I use (so they say).

Confession: a huge part of our family budget, is spent dining out. It brings us closer as a family and we enjoy tasting fabulous local cuisine. We “rarely” go to a chain restaurant and that is only when it is a kid’s choice. Someone recently said to me that they have never experienced the “real New Orleans.” My reply, come down, stay at an awesome hotel and eat away! There is no shortage of places to eat and I can’t say that I’ve ever had a “bad meal” here. Yes, this Yankee sucks the heads, washes it down with an Abita beer and has doberge cake for dessert! So I run a few extra miles a week to keep my “girlish figure…” so what?

The Ultimate Guide to NOLA Cuisine

by Sergio Fernandez.
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