Ya…the irony of me cooking red beans…I’m a transplanted Yankee living in the south, vegetarian, Jewish woman cooking this meal. Our guests are soon to arrive from Georgia and this is dinner for tonight. One of them is actually originally from New Orleans and over the summer I made red beans and rice and he raved about them. So, of course, I need to have a pot ready for his arrival this evening. I was taught to make these by my friend Dora (rest in peace). I am cooking challenged to begin with, then throw in local cuisine and that is completely out of my element and I’m lost. My husband loves them as well and says the trick is good meat. I headed to the local cajun meat market and picked up some sausage and tasso to add to them. The crock pot is on for the day and though I will eat them, I am happy to make them!!!

It’s all good and I have to admit…the house will smell delicious in a few hours!

2 sausage links
1 bag Camellia red beans
water to cover
sprinkle Tony’s on top
Cook all day in the crock pot!
***Lagniappe – added a little of my friends new product, available in Rouse’s “Bacon Grease”

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  1. I don’t eat them either. I will make them rarely, I cant’ stand the smell.However, I did find some gluten free roux for gumbo and have been playing around with that lately. My last batch was GOOD!

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