Brett Perry_StaubachHaving Roger Staubach sign his autograph along with “Go Army,” sure would have been a priceless Army Navy game weapon. Unfortunately, we did not score that.

My hubby and I were guests of USAA during their #nflsalute game in New Orleans this year. During the pre-game, Roger Staubach, hubby’s hero from when he was a kid, came down to sign autographs. My husband has never been an autograph-seeker or even flinched at a celebrity until he saw him.

As we were the only guests out of uniform, hubby graciously waited as the never-ending queue of active duty personnel awaited his autograph. We figured he would leave before the line got to him, but he insisted on waiting and gawking. He handed him the picture he was given us and asked him to write “Go Army.”

Roger started to and then stopped saying he realized that it may be put on the internet to share. It was worth a try and we all laughed about it. I thought of photoshopping it, but I’ll leave that job to the cadets. You can read all about our #nflsalute experience here. IMG_0200
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