I have played disc golf or frisbee golf, several times in my adult life. My kids always (or so I like to think), enjoy how my hubby and constantly joke with each other, especially making Seinfeld references. The poor kids grew up knowing about FROLF, but thinking it was as real as unicorns.

Recently, I’ve been venturing  out to St Tammany’s Bark Park at Pelican Park in Mandeville, with the new puppy (older dog does not play well with others). The dog park is surrounded by their FROLF course. I then formulated the crazy the idea that  I would get the family together to play. Last weekend was a 3 day weekend,  and as usual, I demanded  family time  (3 teenagers, you can imagine the responses). It was sunny out, so we packed up the puppy and the whole family and headed down the road to Pelican Park to play frisbee golf. Having been a PE teacher who taught frisbee, I was reminded how much I sucked at throwing the disc right away (shoulder new a couple of ties over does not help). Hubby of course, mastered it in 2 seconds. My 17 year old son is on the Ultimate Frisbee team and did quite well from the beginning. A nice man stopped by and gave him a few pointers and he had it down in no time. Middle son is a lefty and it took a few and then he was rocking and rolling. My daughter and I hung together and laughed most the time.

A great family bonding activity that is fun and FREE – yes FREE! We will be back to conquer this again. And ya, the puppy Lola had a good time hanging out with us on her leash too! To learn more about the Disc Golf course at Pelican Park click here. You will have a blast!
dic golf_1-2014