Here is the post I put on my personal Facebook account a couple of weeks ago:

Confession: I mainly stick to mindless Bravo TV.

Looking for an on-demand or Netflix series to watch. The last one I really watched was the Sopranos. I saw a few Mad Men and some Dr. Who too. If my teens can watch it with me – bonus. Any suggestions?

I LOVE Facebook and my friends and their willingness to interact and crowdsource with me. This responses were to fabulous to keep to myself on my personal page, I felt it needed to be shared via a public channel (aka my blog). And FYI in the past 2.5 weeks since this post, my hubby and 15yo son and I are on Season 4 of Breaking Bad!

Callie: The Agatha Christie classics: Poirot and Miss Marple, those are all on Netflix. Airwolf, Knight Rider, Burn Notice. Psych

Christin: Take this trip into the Wayback Machine with me….behold! The Love Boat. The Six Million Dollar Man. The Hulk. Fantasy Island. The A-Team. Hart to Hart. Charlie’s Angels. Wonder Woman. China Beach. Riptide. Bionic Woman. Quincy, M.E. The Equalizer. Magnum, P.I. Knight Rider. Silk Stalkings. Remington Steele. Moonlighting.

Trace: It’s not mindless. Nice to see mindless people with ‘those’ problems. LOL. (referring to my Bravo addiction)

Wendi: We love Burn Notice, but not sure if it’s your kind of thing. (Family friendly)

Mary: Breaking Bad

Suomi: Cold Case

Nicholas: Weeds

Judy: Brothers & Sisters, One Tree Hill

Cara: Not teen friendly but Scandal, Revenge are both good. ABC Family – Switched at Birth and the Fosters are both teen friendly. Army Wives.

Tim: Downton Abby or dexter

Sue: Chuck.

Linda: Orange is the new black. It’s a Netflix show.

Barbra: Orange is the new Black

Mike: personally, every American ought to watch “Army Wives.” I like old shows…watched Columbo, Law & Order, and my favorite “Rules of Engagement”

Rachelle: Futurama

Wyndie: Way too many on Netflix to name. Everyone likes Breaking Bad.

Debbi: Walking Dead!!! Love it!

Frances: Friday Night Lights – start with Season One pilot

Kat: for brainless eye candy on NetFlix, “Arrow” isn’t bad. David likes “Lost Girl” and from what I’ve seen it’s not bad… Not something I’d regularly watch, but not bad

Marla: When we were sick i watched all the seasons of American Horror Stories.

Jennifer: I am obsessed with all of the ID shows on Netflix….marathoning Deadly Women

Linda: I want to watch breaking bad too but afraid I’ll get hooked and do nothing else.

Tina: Funny Greta. We’ve got Breaking Bad playing right now! It seems dark and odd at times, but it seems good so far.

Jack: you are now gonna be stuck in whatever room you start watching BB in. Have you seen The walking dead yet? you should see that next…

Michael: Foyle’s War is on Netflix. Begins before WWII and every episode is full of intrigue and is extremely accurate historically! The acting is outstanding and if you start the series it may consume you for many more cold winter nights!

Christie: Jericho or Fri Night Lights!!

Tim: I’ll second Foyle’s War. Darned good series, as is usual with British TV. Excellent acting, great plots and well-researched costuming and sets.

Dionne: Farscape has muppets in space.

Wyndie: Greta, I’m stuck on Real HW of BH and Vanderpump Rules. Can’t get enough of those!

Lisa: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sister Wives, True Blood, Weeds, Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, The Newsroom, The Good Wife, Homeland…

Brie: Scandal, Downtown Abbey!

Empress: just finished season of Orange is the New Black!!! Loved it. Can’t wait for new season!!

Fausta: ENGRENAGES – police in France, great show.

Kerri-Anne: Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black – I never watch TV and I cannot stand reality shows…fell into these by accident and they are different and intriguing for many reasons….never ever thought I would like Breaking Bad…..WHOA…is all I can say!

Preston: Sherlock!

Barry: Hart of Dixie.

Tabita: Scandal was really good.

Herb: Scandal is what I am watching.

Jaclyn: I’m watching Bones right now.

Ivonne: Fringe – on Netflix – all 5 seasons. I’m on season 4 right now- interesting

Brenna: We watch Psych as a family. My teens love it. It’s. Very funny

Marcy: Greta, lately anything mindless works for me

Beth: Breaking bad!

Jeff: Burn Notice,Suits

Mark: No question- Breaking Bad.

Steve: Klondike was on Discovery if you have on demand. More history & scenary, good plot.

Jeanene: Breaking Bad!

Shelli: Orange is the New Black-not really teen friendly.

Rave: Sherlock (The BBC version)

John: Try Foyles War – BBC series set at the start of WWII. Very good!

Garrett: Desperate Housewives
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Doug: Deadwood, Breaking bad, Weeds, BBC – ashes to ashes- Enough said.

Jackie: Treme was amazing, homeland too!

Church: House of cards

George: sons of anarchy it is really gritty and good

Nora: For family friendly I would go with Psych, Chuck, Sherlock, Fringe, White Collar
But Benedict Cumberbatch (Kahn from Star Trek) and Martin Freeman (Bilbo from Hobbit) are AMAZING in Sherlock

Diane: “Orange is The New Black”

Celeste: Orange is the new black and house of cards. I love them

Susan: Bravo was good tonight,…mostly it’s unbearable…

Susan: The Americans on fx is fantastic. So is Walking Dead. Can’t get enough.

Aura: I miss when Bravo used to be brainy and artsy.
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Gara: That British show about the two ladies who drink all the time-comedy (AbFab)

Basil: If you’re Amazon Prime, Suits is good (not on Netflix streaming). Also on Prime, there’s Justified (not as teen-friendly).
White Collar (Netflix) is also good. Breaking Bad, too, but violent. Burn Notice. Eureka was pretty good. And Last Man Standing (Tim Allen’s comedy) is now on Netflix.

Jeanene: If you haven’t watched Friday Night Lights, it is a great one to watch with the kids. We loved it!

Sharon: Top Gear, the british version.

Kathryn: “Absolutely Fabulous!”

Melinda: Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, the Vikings

Debbie: We just power watched House of Cards. Really good series.

Karen: Damages is good. So is House of Cards.

James: Walking Dead

Dave: I’ll throw in one I don’t think I see above, because it’s about 10 yrs old. If you never watched it, The Wire tops them all, imho. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with Breaking Bad.

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