tattoobeforeafterIn my world, it is not every day that you get a new tattoo. Actually, it took me about 23 years to to get my first tattoo and another 23 to get my new tattoo cover-up. I really wanted one at the tender age of 18, but talked myself into waiting until I finished college. When I finished my undergraduate degree, I made a pact with myself, that if I still wanted one after starting graduate school, I would get it. So, my pal and I drove to Daytona from the University of Florida to get one. Always obsessed with koalas from childhood, a koala bear was my obvious choice. I got it on my right hip/upper thigh, right below my bikini line, so you could only see it in a swimsuit. Such a rebel, huh?

Fast forward 23 years later, with only getting one little touch-up a few years ago, and now the koala has red eyes and the leaves it was munching on look like a mustache. Though the popularity of mustaches is big, from a distance, it almost resembled an ink blob. The koala had to go! I workout in the pool weekly, year-round and live for the beach. Knowing I had to stay out of the water for a few weeks, February was the perfect time to finally get some ink! I watch all those ink reality shows and I know that not everyone can do a tattoo well, let alone a cover-up (TV makes you an expert LOL).

As my life goes, I have a Facebook friend I never met, her name is Ali (se picture below). She has been posting pictures of the gorgeous tattoos she has been getting on her wall. I asked where she had got her work done and she highly recommended Man O’ War Tattoo, which was in the quaint town of Fairhope, Alabama. We stayed there for a family vacation a few years ago. After reading about tattoo artist Frank Thrasher and seeing how talented and experienced he was, this seemed like a match for me. A former Airborne Engineer with tons of tattoo experience had me sold. Also, my friend said it was an awesome fit because she also loved the horse Man O’ War (though I now know they named it that for several reasons:). I emailed Frank what I wanted to accomplish and he got back to me shortly. The goal was to cover up “demonic koala” and do something beautiful and floral that represented our upcoming 20 years of marriage, while adding something symbolic for each of the kids. I sent Frank a picture of our wedding bouquet and he texted me a sketch that was pretty darn close to what I ended up getting.

The shop was clean, classy and had extreme attention to detail. I walked around barefoot and the floor was cleaner than mine at home! Frank got to work right away and asked me what kind of music I listened to and the playlist of awesomeness started while I, “took it like a champ,” as Ali said. And how fabulous that Ali and her hubby Mike came in to visit with me and keep me company for a while. It took about 3.5 hours total of getting ink. Frank was awesome and I totally enjoyed getting to know him a little. He depicted the complete package of both accomplished artist and business professionalism!





Man O’ War had a “little” trouble establishing in Fairhope as can be read in this article and this one. Hopefully, the class this place shows, will prove they made the correct decision by allowing them in!!!

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  1. You look great! I have friends who live in Fairhope so I’m sending them the link to this post. I wonder whether they have tattoes……

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