DSC04187-BIt is so wonderful to see the best come out in people when it comes to helping others during a time of need. I’ve been asked repeatedly, “Greta, where is the best place I can send my hard earned money?” There are tons of great places to donate household goods, and I’m pretty confident they get where they need to go. If someone wants to keep the bleach, paper towels or cat food…they must need it. However, when it comes to parting with money, I can only recommend some organizations I have had experience with. There are a ton more out there, but these are the ones that get my top support!


  1. Team Rubicon: I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the founders and knowing people directly involved with this organization since they began. Veterans giving back to help those who need help in times of a natural disaster – is a recipe for success! You can actually donate directly to a “Operation Geaux Big” and your money will go directly to help it. How do I know this? One time I was sent a letter that they did not spend my entire amount of donation money on a mission and asked if I would like the remainder back or for it to go into the general fund. True story!
  2. St. Tammany Humane Society: My heart breaks every day for animals separated from their humans and vice versa. I can’t imagine my animals even being in a kennel (spoiled brats). This no-kill shelter is taking on tons of “furball flood victims.” They need to maintain their health and are working hard to support shelters that lost everything as well.
  3. Second Harvest Food Bank: My pantry is usually bare as we are constantly supporting this organization through the schools. I did a social media event for them a few years back and learned a lot about them. They supply lots of food pantries in the Greater New Orleans area and are really stepping up to the “plate” for the flood.
  4. TakeCare Baton Rouge/CIF Baton Rouge: Sister Judith Brun is the real thing y’all! I personally have spent time with her and had a chance to learn about what she really does and has done since Hurricane Katrina with the smallest of survivors in targeted areas in Baton Rouge. Her work is never done and now that flooding has occurred in that area, she needs assistance again. She is humble and at the same time, a dynamo who will use your money to make a difference! I have been overheard saying, “If I ever come back as a Nun – I want to be Sister Judith!”
  5. Blue Star Mothers of Louisiana – Chapter 1 (Baton Rouge): I have done lots with this organization over the years and they are fabulous. Miss Janet, works tirelessly and organizes her team to help others: Blue Star Families, Gold Star and our military community. If you are kind enough to drop a donation and put “flood help for military,” she will be do right by your money! You can email her too if you have any questions president@bluestarmoms.net.

From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU for supporting those who need help at this moment!  ~Greta~

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