The grassroots “Stop High Density” all volunteer group of Mandeville Citizens, has done such a great job voicing the facts of why they oppose Port Marigny’s excessive density…the PM team had to go hire a PR firm for the final stretch…

In 3…2…1…comes their new spin.

The PM team will be bringing in all their friends to the rest of the meetings.

Who will all declare…

The PM team already changed their song and dance about trying to blend into Old Mandeville. Now they are nowhere near it (blending in with the Causeway now). Quick – someone cover up the Old Mandeville sign on Monroe Street!

Currently you get: 416 living units (208 of those apartments), 67,000 sq. ft. commercial (retail, office space, restaurants), 120 room hotel, 117 slip Marina and parking along Massena St and minimal green space/open space. Last night at the meeting, the PM team discussed a possible minimal reduction to a number of about 380 living units. Coincidentally, this number has been floating around for some time as acceptable density to some.

This is not a done deal…

Come out in droves and show that you won’t take this lying down and be streamrolled!

Please contact all of your  Council Members and the Mayor, and let them hear your logical two cents!

See you at the October meetings!

3 Replies to “Port Marigny: New Spin Coming”

  1. I have never seen this site, & while I love your detailed information on the “prestress group site” since all this started , and WADR, this is a little 5th grade. I thought it would be a complete report from the meeting.

  2. Blogging is a fun thing for me and depends on my mood. You got my juvenile mood and I’m sorry to hear it did not meet to your liking. Check back another time for serious stuff:)

  3. Ms Perry
    As a matter of information. While opposed to the project, in any iteration or density, I have proposed 2 things to the council:
    (1) Have a simple, inexpensive referendum of Mandeville residents regarding their desire for or against port marigny.
    (2) The city can purchase the property at fair market value; thereby controlling future use and giving the pittmans what they want…$. Pieces of the property could then be sold off with covenants. All or part of the purchase price would be recouped and the city’s residents would remain the only stewards of our future atmosphere. The city can work with CLURO. It’s being used as a smoke screen.
    Continuing in opposition
    Pat Kent

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