Yep…on blueberry hill. Well, really “Blueberry Ridge” in Picayune, Mississippi. (website for all farms). My buddy, myself and our collective 6 kids headed off rise & shine to Picayune. We called around for the closer blueberry farms – but most were “picked out.” If we didn’t get lost take the scenic route – it would have been about an hour ride. If we didn’t try to follow a local’s directions for streets that don’t have signs or should have the “the street formerly known as” sign on it…we might have got there even sooner. 6 gallons later ($8 a gallon), a great time, a little complaining, a nice cool and cloudy morning and some manual labor (the moms picked the most) and we were thoroughly entertained.

Mr. Hokanson, the owner, couldn’t have been nicer. He gave us some tomatoes to go and let us go back and help ourselves to sweet corn. Our neighbors all got a meal full of corn and we have enough to last us a few days. My oldest has become a baking fiend and can’t wait to start baking pies, pancakes…etc… yum…..of course, I have to do the “real cleaning up.”

How do I boil the “corn family” my daughter has created? She drew little eyes on them and has carried them around all day!
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  1. As a native, your posts remind me of showing my kids some of this stuff for the first time. “Yes, honey, Mommy really did swim in the lake a lot.” “Yes, honey, we call them snowballs, and spearmint was my favorite.” “Yes, honey, I have eaten raw oysters and they are really good!”

    Still laughing at that Target escalator photo….

    I LOVE LA! (with apologies to Randy Newman)

  2. Leave the corn in husks and just throw them right onto the grill for about 20-25 minutes. A lot of people soak them in water first before doing that, but my hubby forgot one time and found out it works just as well without soaking! Yummo!

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