Hubby was out of town, so I took the 3 kiddos to the festiva (they were all free admission)l. Newbie mistake – parked waaaayyy too far away. First of,f we headed to the kids area to blow cash see Papillion. Oh wait – everyone was starving….like I never fed them before. Dang kids always demanding food. The prices were reasonably priced as far as festivals go: hamburger $3, corndog $3, beer $4 (a little steep Xs 2), Icee $4 (split by 3 kids), lobster puffs $5, sprite $2.

We stopped into the Lagniappe tent to check it out Mandeville Idol and to cool off (hint folks – it is air conditioned in there). Then we headed over to the game/ride/activity section. I gave each kid $5 and told them they could each do 1 thing. My daughter did the rock climbing and the boys did the “soak each other with slingshot balloons.” Poor younger son, didn’t weigh enough to get good launches (mom had to help).

We enjoyed Papillion at the kid’s cabin and then headed to chow down some dessert – cotton candy yum.

I ended up hooking up with reader “Ohiogirl” and her family (the first time we met in person). We hung a bit at the concert stage while the kids ran amok and we sweated and enjoyed a cool one! Then for the walk back to the car …ugh! There were golf carts around shuttling people – but I know one had headlight issues and the rest disappeared – UGH!

OK – who wants to buy me a framed poster print? If you can’t afford that, the poster will do! It is very cool!!!

We’ll be back to listen to music and see fireworks before the weekend is over.
img_1849.JPGThis little girl was a trooper. She didn’t weigh enough for the pulley to lower her. She hung in the air for a while until the operator got a rope to get her down. She didn’t fuss or panic at all!

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  1. Hey Greta! It was great meeting you and my little girl sure loved your oldest son! He He! She was talking about him when we got home. I guess because he spent so much time playing with the beach ball with her! Papillion was great as usual and we sang CoCoDrie over and over on the ride home!

    Yup! we missed the shuttles too due to the headlight issue. Luckily, hubby went alone to fetch the car and we sat on the wall by the lake catching the cool breeze until he picked us up!

    As usual, the Seafood Festival didn’t let us down!

  2. Somehow I KNEW you would be there on Friday. We’re heading there Sunday evening for dinner and fireworks. Maybe us bloggers will see each other there!

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