Not quite “extreme makeover.” More like – upgrade kitchen and bathroom, take down some walls and maybe add an extra garage and laundry room. OK – maybe that is pretty extreme. The goal is to have a master plan and do portions at time – ya know- that dang money thing! If you can do it, know someone qualified to do it, give me names! I want everything done yesterday!

2 Replies to “In Need of Home Upgrades”

  1. Hola chica!
    Hey…I’m trying a new thing on the computer. Im’ so “tech. gifted.”
    This was a great entry. Love that it was sponsored by the little purple pill. clever. We felt old too. (but only towards the end )Looking forward to tomorrow. Save up your energy and $.
    talk to ya soon

  2. Hi – My husband and I relocated to La a month ago from Colorado and I am enjoying reading your blog….we are temporarily living in New Orleans while we sell our house in Co. and find a home in Mandeville. We are opening our Remodeling business here in Louisiana. My husband, Tim, is a Residential Remodeling Contractor and we are working on getting everything set up to do business here..You can email me for more information if you are still looking… and thanks! Gail

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