I am proud to announce, that a new blog is alive (barely – needs more work) and ready to organize and inform you how to support the troops today! In all my spare time, I have taken on the role as Community Team Leader (CTL) for Louisiana, for an organization I am honored to be involved with. Soldiers’ Angels reaches out its’ wings all over the world, to help our soldiers and their families!

People approach me all the time saying, “I want to help support the troops, but I don’t know how.”

*Click here and look at the teams, sign up for one and the team leader will get back to you ASAP. If you live in LA, your name will be forwarded to me as well. HOOAH LA!!!

I’ll be happy to field any questions: gretaperry@gmail.com

In the next few days, I will have a “directly support a soldier from Louisiana” thingamajig on this and the other blog. Stay tuned for a pre-order of garden flags with the logo below!!!

(c/p at NOLA.com)

3 Replies to “Get Your Wings Today Louisianans”

  1. Hi fellow Angel Sister!!! So nice to meet you =) I am in Kinder, Louisiana and have been in SA since February of this year!!! Love your BLOG and I love the garden flags with the logo below… I will definitely have to order one for myself =) Keep up the great job of BLOGGING!!!

  2. I love love love the garden flags! Can’t wait to order one. My son will be deployed the first of next year and I’ll hang it at my office until he comes back home.

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