I am 100% convinced that the main goal of Disney World is not family fun – IT IS BRAINWASHING!

* First, they get your credit card at the door – and better yet – if you are going on the cruise – they give EVERYONE in your party, tickets, that are used from everything from room keys – to your lazy money. This is also known as….spend away and don’t worry about the tab until your credit card bill arrives in a month!

* It’s a Small World is an evil ride. I wonder if anyone has ever played it really slow or backwards on an album? I know it has subliminal messages encoded in it. It probably says “spend money here or else.”

* The sheep mentality is absolute brainwashing. In normal every day life – NO perfectly sane person would wait one hour to see animated Nemo in an aquarium of real fish. You see – the main brainwashing on this attraction – is the never ending twisting turning corrall that brings you to the eternal clam shell. I found myself baaaaahing like a sheep after 10 minutes. See – perfect example of brainwashing!

* Leaving Louisiana and actually thinking it would be a cool novelty to stay at “The French Quarter” hotel. Jambalaya for dinner….I don’t think so.

* Cult Disney also works well with sleep deprivation. Tonight we are going for the “extra bonus” hours at Disney for the resort guests. We dragged our family back to our room(s) (more than 4 in your party – 2 rooms for you) for a 2 hour nap. Now we will be out until 2 in the morning riding Dumbo & you guessed it…spending money that will feed the almighty rodent idol!

* on the lighter side – yesterday was “lagniappe.” We left at 4:15 Am & arrived at exactly 4:15 PM (12 hours from Mandeville – not too bad). We were unaware up until then, that we could go to the parks last night – and we did. We also called a few days prior to our arrival to see if we could get a room at Shades of Green. This an entire Disney – on the grounds resort – for military and their families. We got a room for 5 people (they allow that there) for $100 for the night. You pay by rank – it is beautiful and you can feed your kids for a $4 buffet!!! Hooah!

* Honestly, we are having a great time & every child should come here in their lifetime!!!

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  1. Gosh, until the last “*” I was going to ask if you were really going to enjoy the vaca….

    Love to all my children,

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