Nah – never give up! I was on the crime forum this weekend, sharing my idea for my “citizen ambassador program.” I left with every ounce of positive energy completely sucked right out of me. I swear, some days I would give my life of domestic goddess up to step in and go for a political position with the party of common sense. But, as much as I love politics, my fragile self-esteem could never take the nastiness that comes out (I’m as fragile as granite). I have tons of skeletons, but none that can’t be found on the blogosphere. I am honest to a fault and that is probably a bad quality for a politician. I’d get eaten alive!

So seriously publicly black-eyed NOLA – what are we to do as citizens? Do we join the cynics or empower ourselves?

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  1. I just wrote about something similar. See my blog. Different topic, but similar response.

    It all boils down to one thing. A lot of whining and no action! How do you think the problems of the city started in the first place?

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