I think “they” is more elusive than the red-striped hiding Waldo. I mean, after 5 minutes of talking to my mom on the phone, I am pretty sure that I live in an Orwellian society with “theys” all around me. The press is having a field day pointing fingers to “they” and his brothers “them” and the family of “those.” Marking 2 years of something that is in the news EVERY SINGLE DAY here (the hurricane that not be named) was done by “them.” All week, my in-box have been filled with articles forwarded to me that would make even the Princess of Positive’s blood get a little steamy. It all comes down to who “they” can blame for “this & that.” Where are Abbot & Costello when you need them? Geesh – just because you write for a major newspaper or blog (that would not be me), doesn’t mean you have your “theys” and “thoses” in line. Because you always come out the hero when you are tugging on the heartstrings of the world talking about “those poor people.” You are even a bigger hero when you blame “those other” people for the problems.

So today, when you are perusing Al Gore’s internet, please tell me who “they, these and those” are. I want to know if they wear red striped shirts like Waldo, so that I can pick “them”out of a police line-up!

(c/p at NOLA.com – hey “they” pay)

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