I met my Cotillion sister and her best friend in the French Quarter today. They were stopping for a few hours on their way to Biloxi. We certainly did not have an ordinary time. After a drink in a bar and an interview with a very intelligent bartender, we headed to The Blue Dog Gallery and Rinard’s Gallery. Then we immersed ourselves in the gay community that was clustered to a small area in the Quarter (99% male) for the Southern Decadence Festival. We interviewed tons of guys and shot tons of footage and they were all fabulous to us. As for someone buying us a drink, there wasn’t a chance in hell for that -so we bought our own. Only 1 guy ducked from our camera and we asked him if he was a Senator (lol). I’ll get the video up for tomorrow – you will die when you see it! So yes, if you are a gay man in the area – head down to the Quarter and have a gay old time. We met tons of guys from out of state and even out of Country who were in for the event. This is tourism and they are here spending their money and having fun. We also got some true opinions on Senator Craig. According to a few men we spoke with, he screwed up because he didn’t have a Macy’s bags around his ankles – apparently a “true” code. Hey – you learn something new every day!
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  1. haha, Love that the Cotillion has representation at the Southern Decadence Festival. That’s appropiate! 🙂
    Sounds like a fun time too…

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