I was listening to Kaare Johnson on Wednesday during his weekly scheduled interview with Louisiana’s new Inspector General, Bob Cerasoli. If you don’t know anything about Mr. Cerasoli, you should, because with him in place, he can clean up even the most corrupt town (he did it in MA first). Yes, we have him, but right now he is running a 2 man show without an office or a website. If I was in charge (and I’m not), that should have been done yesterday. No matter what your political party affiliation, you should welcome him with open arms (you’d be an idiot not too).

My dad, who is 79 , affectionately known as “Sherm” is visiting me now (and hopefully moving down here for good). He was born and raised in Dorchester, MA and has lived and worked in Boston his whole life (except for 2 years he lived Florida). He got his GED and started supporting his family as a musician when he was 15 and retired from the music business about 10 years ago. My dad is Boston – he knows every fact about it (true or not). Since his retirement in the music business up until a few months ago, he has given those “historical” tours on the trolleys. The trolley tours where he drives (Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride) and spews off facts about the history of Boston (sidenote: my son Drew Thomas Perry has been on the tour for 10 years as a famous Bostonian figure & nobody every called dad on it – lol). My dad is a registered “Independent.” And though we have more in common politically than he cares to admit, one thing we agree on is ethics in government. Without further ado…Sherm:

Me: Dad, did you know Cerasoli family growing up in Boston?
Sherm: Who?
Me: Do you remember when Bob Cerasoli took office as a MA State legislator?
Sherm: He was? He was probably playing cards with all the other politicians in the State House.
Me: What were your impressions when he took the job as Inspector General of MA?
Sherm: I didn’t know we ever had one.
Me: How important was Mr. Cerasoli in cleaning up the Big Dig?
Sherm: It is still a mess.
Me: What do you think he can do for New Orleans?
Sherm: Get away from Boston.
Me: Do you think his skin is thick enough to take the heat of the corrupt “dirty”politicians and closed-door deals going on?
Sherm: He didn’t ever do any work to get dirty.
Me: How about them Patriots?
Dad: They are unbeaten!
Me: Any other comments?
Dad: Nope – going to bed!

Post interview impressions: Way to plan Greta? “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” Well. Mr. Cerasoli, if you would like to take a ride to Mandeville and settle the score with Sherm, we’d love to have you. You can reach me at gretaperry@gmail.com (985)807-4805.

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