First off, thanks for being so patient. The past few days, KMG was experiencing some technical difficulties! YAY – they are all fixed now!

images.jpgI wish I could just walk around and pair up great people looking for love (no aspirations for a dating service – don’t worry). Besides, statistically, most people will meet on the computer and why not Kiss My Gumbo (everyone is reading it…or should be dangit)? Yesterday, I highlighted a fabulous 30 yo single woman looking for a man and today I do the reverse. If you are single or have a friend who is – send me their bio (Greta style) and I will put it up this week. Also, if you are interested in anyone have to go through the Gatekeeper, me and I won’t even charge you a fee!

Without further ado… here is single #2 looking for love.

showletter-2.jpgLadies, his name is Jim and get this, he likes to cook!!! I personally know Jim and let’s put it this way, when he is at my house, Chulo the Stupor Dog would rather be with him than his owners. I guess that tells you something about him and also about how disloyal my dog is. Jim is 45 and never had kids, though he loves them (kids can tell and mine all flock to him). I would describe his body as Popeye-ish and he would prefer a woman that does not towers over him (he is 5’7″). He is a Cheesehead (Wisconsin for you slow people) by birth and Louisianan by choice. He owns his own house on the Northshore and his own business. He loves his dog and raising tropical plants. He served his Country as a Marine in his younger years and is very proud of that. Jim is a laid back and down to Earth guy (no fancy shmancy pants for him). He is looking for a seasoned gal in her late 30’s and up. He is electronically challenged so don’t expect text messages and IM’s -lol. Jim will make some lady very happy!

***the video below is safe for work and tell me if you understand why I picked this one – LOL!!!

***Start thinking of a catchy phrase that describe Kiss My Gumbo. Like something I could put on a t-shirt

***Always needing help with Soldiers’ Angels – step up and start helping today!!!

***in desperate need of a landscape whiz who can simplify my backyard and make it not look like the unkept jungle that it is (I hate gardening & the previous owners loved it). I’ll even barter and organize for yard help if that works out. Otherwise, yes, we will pay to have it done:)

***The Princess of Positive will be meeting with the Krewe of Eve float gang for the first time tonight. Eve will take place 365 days from today. Never too early to enjoy a Margarita with the girls!!

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  1. Hmmmm . . . may take you up on the offer of organization for yard help. My garage is appalling! Let’s chat later tonight on the way to the Eve meeting.

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