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That’s it, the Princess of Positive (yours truly) has had it with cell phone rudeness. Join me in my movement called “Take a cell phone break!”

I confess, I have been just as much a part of this problem as everyone else. Starting today, I, Greta Perry, am turning over a cell phone etiquette leaf! In anatomy class, I was never taught that, ” the cell phone is connected to the hand bone and the hand bone is connected to the ear!” Just because EVERYONE is doing it, does not make it right!!!! I am begging you all to start today and join with me for a National Campaign to take back free minutes and enjoy life and the people around us. And yes, in case you wondering, you look more guilty if you get in an accident if you were on the phone than if you weren’t. I know I know, you are the world’s best driver and can do your hair, groom the dog, eat a 5 course meal and still drive better than everyone else! So just put down the phone once in a while! Yes, I will most likely still answer calls when I am driving around town – but I am making a true effort to only answer and call when I truly have to do so. If I am going into a store -phone goes off for now on! I am soooo text message challenged – doing that while driving is not an option for me (nor should it be for you). I can’t even do it standing still – yet!


Below is the contract I am adhering to from now on!

I, state my name (do not repeat a la Animal House), do solemnly swear from this 8th day of April 2008, to be a more responsible cell phone user (yes, crackberrys and iphones are included).

* I will no longer approach a service counter or checkout line while using my phone or bluetooth. I will actually make human eye contact and speak to the person who is on front of me.
* I will start enjoying short intervals of phone freedom! If I am driving alone and am bored, I need to realize I can be entertained listening to music or talk radio or even…silence.
* I will no longer look down at my text message during public events or gatherings every 5 seconds. I will only reserve checking them when I absolutely have to go to the bathroom!
* I will no longer assume the rest of the world wants to hear my conversations with my Aunt Gertrude or whoever.
* If I am so busy that I can only wish someone a Happy Birthday because I am in a car – I need to get my priorities in life in order!
* I will show my kids or the generation of children today, that it was not always like this and they don’t have to have a cell phone implanted in their head as soon as it is available (I believe you can get it in your teethnow).
* When spending a day with the family, I will not just start talking to whoever because they called and ignore the family (I am so in trouble if I break this one now that I said it).
* I will no longer be angry at friends who do not pick up the phone the second I call or not call back within 5 minutes (they might have something more important to do than talk to me that second).
* I will be sure to shut my ringer off at any event I attend (you don’t want to be that person whose phone goes off during a wedding – do you?).

Let’s here you sound off about things that bug you about cell phones! What are you willing to change? Has the phone changed your lifestyle? Do you feel naked if you go out without your phone? Do you think…Oh heck everyone – comment – talk to me! I know you are out there reading – now say something!

Update: April 8th 9:13 PM
Posted by anniemaj
Hey Greta, I liked your idea so much I couldn’t resist writing a little ditty about it. Check this out:


Turn off your cell phone, and turn off that ring
Turn off your cell phone, c’mon it wont sting.
Whether you’re at home, school, work, or the mall,
Turn it off and – ooh! – you’ll have a ball.

Turn off your cell phone,
Come on, honey, go out on the town.
Turn off your cell phone.
Come on, turn off your cell phone, honey. Come on.
Turn off the phone that controls you.
Turn it off if you feel like it!
Come on, turn off your cell phone.
Here we go. Doesn’t that sound good?
Turn off your cell phone.

Turn off your cell phone, it’ll keep you whole.
You won’t run your car into that big phone pole.
Just admit it, gals, it sure feels great.
To not hear it ringin’, ooh, see ya at eight!

Update: April 8th 9:00 PM It has been brought to my attention that we should discuss the use of cell phones while going to the bathroom – esp. in public stalls. I think it needs to be added to the pledge for sure.
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7 Replies to “Cell phones don’t own people, people own cell phones”

  1. So so true and we are raising a whole new generation of phone junkies. Kids today think it’s a right of passage and if they don’t have a phone at 12 years old they’re the only one in the world who can’t communicate with the outside world (wah wah wah).
    And another thing…you don’t need a phone that will let you research a cure for cancer. It’s a phone people! It needs to ring and dial out!!

  2. I rarely use my cell phone and the only reason I have one is for emergencies. I was in the bank the other day and my phone rang. I answered it and told my husband I’d have to call him back because I was at the teller. As I put my phone in my purse, the teller said “Thank you for doing that.” I guess she was stunned that I actually put it away to talk to her. I just think it’s rude to talk on the phone when someone is trying to wait on you or help you out.

  3. ok, I am guilty of the cell phone mania also, BUT my peeve is when people get mad at me for not having my phone on….sometimes the battery does run down and needs charging???? But if they can’t reach you they act like it’s the worst thing in the world!LOL

  4. My tooth isn’t even charged – can’t stand it. I like a phone in my hand if I’m going to talk!

    Sandi – My son turns 12 this summer and I already said NO!
    Christy – thank you for thinking!
    Rhonda – well that is part of the movement – forgiveness on the other end!

  5. Greta, will you update with the amended suggestion of vowing not to use your cell phone in public restrooms? I can’t tell you how many times I wonder why anyone would want to talk on their phone will doing that. Ick.

  6. On the other end of the “pledge” can we please have one for cashiers who while checking out your stuff proceed to talk on the phone to their friends about their baby daddy, sex life, money problems, and reproductive issues.? I can’t tell you how many times I want to take the phone from them and beat them with it. I am guilty of giving my daughter one (she’s 14) but she walks to school and has to call me when she gets there.

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