You’ve thought about it, you feel bad for all kids that are in the system – well…whatareyougonnadoaboutit? We proudly fostered and adopted Princess Whinalot and it is the best thing we ever did. So many children in the US and especially in Louisiana need you to step up to the plate! Gay, straight, married, single, old, young, rich or poor…there is an opportunity for you to help.

*** about National Foster Care Month

*** about the Court Appointed Special Advocates Program “CASA“, where you become an advocate for a child in the foster system.

***about Louisiana Foster Care

***more about our Foster Care success story

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One Reply to “May is National Foster Care Month”

  1. Greta !
    Good for you promoting foster care. It was very scary to your dad and me, because we loved the princess so very quickly, & she wasn’t ours yet. She was lavished with love despite our fears gvnt agencies would intrude & mess things up. There were beaming faces from all adults present when the big day came, & officially she was family. Now, although she whines to her heart’s content, we love her more & more, as it should be with any child, but don’t have the worry about gvnt & courts. You & hubby were very brave but also very determined. Cannot imagine life without her. There would of course be less whining. But, with time, don’t even hear it. She has been the boys’ sister since the beginning. They are special, but the princess is special in her own right & in a little different way. Children need love. There are plenty in this country waiting for that love.
    Bravo to any adult wanting to give of themselves !

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