What a well-worded editorial. Below is a quote from the editorial.

But the criminal investigation isn’t Mayor Price’s only problem. Even short of criminal charges, he has shown horrendous leadership. He ought to step aside and let Mandeville choose a new mayor.

The problem is, he will not resign. He already stated he won’t and he is not getting any pressure from the City Council to do so. We will continue to be the laughing stock of the region (or at least in the top 5) and we will continue to support the “Mayor Price Legal Defense Fund” as long as he hangs around.

What can you do? Good thing you asked. If you live in the Mandeville City limits, have a business here or live outside the City limits, your support is needed to help recall him. Come join me and the rest of “The Concerned Citizens of Mandeville” as we actively seek to collect enough signatures to help get him recalled.

The recall website is here and you can contact mandevillerecall@gmail.com for more information.

“Fear not your local government, for they are your employees to hire and to fire.” ~Greta~

4 Replies to “Amen to today’s T-P editorial”

  1. My favorite saying regarding the recall . . . .

    “Waiting for someone else to do something is the same as doing nothing at all!””.

    Come on, Mandeville – wake up!

  2. The consenus among those of my business-owning friends, is that they do not want to become actively involved in Mayor Price’s recall; or sign anything that might offend him. They felt they might potentially lose customers if they signed.. However, I am a senior citizen, and my friends are all older folks, so it’s a consenus of seniors, and not the younger generation.

    When the audit was published, most were suprised at the extensive amount and weight of corruption, to the point being overwhelmed – but yet, none seem inspired enough to become actively involved in the recall process.

    Most feel that it is a situation for law-enforcement and the courts to handle. Once criminal investigations are instituted by the State and Federal Govt;. the investigators stay on task, and they will eventually issue indictments – if they feel they can get a conviction.

    I can’t see how the Govt;. either State or Federal, could fail to win some convictions against EP, when you consider all the times he alledgely violated the law.

    So, most feel that they will just wait and let the justice system handle the problem for them.

    I personally would become involved, but after Katrina I moved to higher ground in Covington, so I have no standing to sign.

  3. Do you really expect EP to repay the money we taxpayers have spent on his legal defense if he is convicted? We’re paying $532.00 per hour to Gray Sexton!

    Let me ask this . . . . when the recall petition is successful, will you vote to recall Eddie Price? Will the anonymity of the voting booth allow you to act?

  4. The fact that any resident in the US is fearful for speaking out against their local government, means there is something terribly wrong here. It is called taking a stand. I am very saddened to know your friends feel this way. I just spent a weekend with a bunch of veterans. They sacrifice so that we may be free to speak out against our own government. Please share with your friends my message that waiting for someone else to do something because it is “easier” and “safer” for them is not a good option.

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