Well, as usual, you can bet that I am having an amazing time and making the best of this trip. Just WOW!!! I arrived on a perfect direct flight from New Orleans to Baltimore. The Gala was at the Reagan Center and we helped do some Angel work in the afternoon. We went back to the hotel and I got myself all dolled up as best as I could.

My assignment for the Gala was “Greta the Door Greeter.” The event was spectacular and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. All those in attendance were touched by the work Soldiers’ Angels does. We were also honored to be in the room with many heroes, many who were injured. The Soldiers’ Angels Museum was attached to the event floor and everyone that walked through there was officially hooked on our organization.

I look forward to our next Gala and hopefully will get to work with some of the planning so I can add some touches I think will work:)

Friday, I went with a group for a tour of the Pentagon that was amazing. Friday night went out to dinner with some of the Soldiers’ from Walter Reed and right now I am hurrying to write this as I need to go get on a shuttle to go to a picnic at the Walter Reed Malone House.

I’ll write more later and yes, will have pictures!

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