I decided it is time to take my athletic past and current love and expertise of social media and finally combine them. In my days before becoming a Social Media Consultant (B.C. that would be children), I was actually a PE/health teacher (hubby still teases me by saying Gym) and Athletic Trainer. Fitness has always been part of my life, but somehow with some crazy kid raising, Army wife life, moving constantly for a lot of years…it took a back seat. But no more…I’m back and feel better than ever. So, I decided to start a fitness challenge series on my blog that will be blasted through all my social media channels and I welcome you and everyone you know to jump on board! Let’s inspire each other, starting with a Summer challenge!!!!

The first thing I want to tackle in the fitness challenge is, who or what inspires or motivates you? I am not talking about that bathing suit that you want to look good in (though that is always in the mix *wink wink*). For me, it is the wounded warriors who compete in athletics, overcoming bigger obstacles than than you or I will ever imagine. This past week was the Warrior Games and as can be seen from the video below…nothing stops these heroes.

When I competed in the short duathlon this weekend, I felt compelled to put my friend Greg Gadson’s (who can be seen giving someone a medal in the video above) name on my back. He does not realize how much he inspires me, but I keep telling him anyway. The day before my race, he told me he had just cycled 20 miles…and mind you…he does that with his arms as he does not have any legs, made my 12 mile ride seem like nothing.

So think about your inspiration and check back often as there is more to come! And yes, the hashtag if you Twitter will be #GeauxGetFit ….but Twitter is not a requirement, just another way to inspire each other! I would love to hear who inspires you in the comments below!!!

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  1. It’s simple; my mother, Nancy. At age 41, she began experiencing a cumulative decline due to chronic Multiple Sclerosis (she was in the ~6% of the affected population who experience symptoms from the condition without the often corresponding periods of remission). She passed on at the age of 69 after 28 years of losing her mobility by degrees. She valued fitness and supported my interest in gymnastics, dance, horseback-riding, and swimming. I will celebrate her as my inspiration for this fitness challenge!

  2. My neighbor and friend Kodi. Not only is she a single mom of two, but her daughter has cancer. She finds time to balance motherhood, her daughter’s ilness, and fulltime job but makes it look easy. She stays healthy for her kids and finds time to do activites outside with them to keep them healthy too.

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