Yesterday, I asked you to find your inspiration for your fitness challenge. I asked that it be one person, one thing that inspires or motivates you…but the fact is…you ultimately need to inspire yourself. Sorry folks, I can kick your ass all you want, you can pay for personal trainers if you have the extra cash lying around to whip you butt into shape…but the reality is…you have to want this for yourself. But, that inner motivator works miracles – trust me! So find one if you have not already.

So…let’s talk about goals. Some of us get frustrated easily when we set goals that are unattainable. Also, many of us have life situations and or personal obstacles that get in the way. For this fitness challenge, I ask that you head on over to to find an event between now and September 30th that you think YOU can compete in and REGISTER NOW. Do not call and wait for a response from anyone else to sign up to do it with you. Just select the event, register and then give invites for others to come along to participate or to cheer you on. It may be a one mile fun run – that is fine! You can run/walk any 5K you sign up for if you are not in running shape. If you are going out of town, you can even check your destination for an event and sign up for that. And it does not have to be running if that is not your thing – lots to choose from. I’m signing up for this Duathlon in August as soon as they open registration (I failed at my own task – ha).

As soon as you pick your event – drop me a comment in the blog letting me know what it is! Also, head on over to my Facebook invite and let’s get motivated together! Invite everyone you know! This is soooo exciting.

A little secret (come closer)…once you embark on this challenge, I guarantee you that you will be on a better path for achieving life fitness goals! Many more posts ahead!

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