* Inspiration – check
* Fitness Goals by signing up for an event – check
* RSVP’d on Facebook and commented with the event you signed up for -check
* Twittering with #GeauxGetFit hashtag (if you Tweet) – check

Now to the preparation….sorry…gotta get some housekeeping done before the training starts. After all this is not just a summer challenge, but a life changing movement (hey that sounds pretty cool).

1. Shoes: Take your shoes seriously. Head on over to a running store and pay a little extra for sneakers that are made for your foot. Bring an old pair with you – so your walking pattern can be examined.The next time you purchase them, you can shop around. And if yours have seen better days, time to invest!
2. Other workout gear: if you cycle, have a treadmill, kayak, whatever…make sure everything is in working order. Get a tune-up for your bike and get fitted for it too (so worth it).
3. Workout clothes: …well….looking good is important!!! If you have some extra $, treat yourself to one nice new outfit. If you run or walk at night, be sure to have reflective gear on. Ladies, I love Team Estrogen. I’m a Nike, Asics, Brooks, Under Armour, Speedo, Pearl Izumi, De Soto, Zoot kind of gal:)
4. Medical: Make a doctors appointment. Your doctor will like you much better if you actually do a well check! And ladies – go get your female stuff in order! TODAY!
5. Logistics: Time to start planning where, what and who with. If you need someone to train with, I suggest organized events from your local running or bike store, community or health club. Depending on someone else to train with does not always work out, so best to plan your workouts and invite people to tag along if they want. NEVER cancel a workout because someone bailed!
5. Plan: This is not Olympic training – make casual plans. I also suggest cross-training as much as possible. Doing the same thing day after day can be boring and this will help prevent injury. I like to rotate between cycling, running and swimming.
6. Mindset: This should be fun and turn into a way of life. Keep that train of thought and it will be!!!

More to come….As always…I love comments…so leave them here or on Facebook! And notice I have not touched on diet….. focus on this to do list for now. Please, let me know if you have any suggestions for posts ahead.

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