It is soooo wonderful to hear that people are taking the Summer Fitness Challenge seriously. If you are new to it – all it asks is that you sign up for an event by September 30th – even a mile fun run…anything and post it on this blog orFB”> FB. I have had several posts with tips alread- you should find them easily, and today am adding Smoothie tips. I usually have one for lunch or late afternoon each day. Sometimes I buy them at Smoothie King (my family always give me gift certificates for ever occasion) but most the time I make them. If you do go to SK – buy the biggest ones or the buy one get a small one free thing with the coupons and save it for another day.

* whenever you find berries on sale – buy them! Wash and put them in snack size bags to freeze
* always have bananas on hand
* buy frozen fruit on sale
* big tubs of Yogurt for the base work great
* keep several types of juice on hand – pineapple, Pom etc….
* local honey – yum!
* protein powder can be added

I never make the same one twice, but here is an example: 2 bananas, cup of Yaplait fat free vanilla yogurt, honey, small snack bag frozen strawberries & frozen blueberries, orange juice, Pom juice. If I do not have frozen berries on hand – I add ice.

Cheers and please leave a comment if you have a great smoothie tip!